au coeur

dalila belaza (Algeria / France)

Au cœur is the product of a singular encounter with a folkdance group Lous Castellous de Sénergues in Aveyron: men and women who are witnesses to an age whose vestiges are vanishing, heirs to a creative ethos and a rural culture that struggle to find their place amidst our modern rhythms. Dalila Belaza began listening to them, in search of a common language that would enable them to travel together through personal living landscapes, from the figurative to the abstract.

Born in 1973, Dalila Belaza trained in dance and in foreign languages. As a dancer, she has primarily performed in choreographer Nacera Belaza’s work for two decades. Since 2012, she has concurrently been pursuing her own projects, both alone and in collaboration with artists from several fields.

Dalila Belaza
Didier Cassan, Benoit Clot, Damien Clot, Lucie Clot, Ludovic Clot, Eric Delouvrier, Lilly Gottardo, Aurélie Goudy, Maurice Panissié, Roger Puech, Audrey Sereiye, Claudette Tourbez, Ginette Visseq et Dalila Belaza.
Yvan Goudy, Guy Visseq
Vincent Mcclure
Compagnie Nacera Belaza (soutenue par la DRAC Ile de France au titre du dispositif CERNI) ;
Communauté de communes de Conques Marcillac ;
Commune de Sénergues ;
L’Essieu du Batut – résidence d’artistes;
MJC de Rodez.
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