Not to be

Amir Amiri (Iran)

Do we make our own choices or do we – blinded by the illusion of choice – submit ourselves to the available options conjured up by others? In a given space, demarcated as much mentally as physically, three performers square off. The one performing in the centre embodies the imagination of the one who remains still, outside the square. The one in the centre executes all the orders up till the very last one, which he refuses. Rejected by the system, and plagued by doubt, he’s now left with two choices: to self-destruct mentally and stay in, or to mentally and physically leave the system.

Born in Shiraz in 1984, Amir Amiri discovered theatre when aged thirteen, as part of his school curriculum. Trained in theatre studies at Arak University, he has performed in many plays. Since 2009, he has been creating a strong body of work in different disciplines such as choreography, literature and theatre. He lives and works in Tehran.

Artistic direction
Amir Amiri
Amir Amiri, Mohsen Khedri,
Morteza Zarei
Light design, Video
Mehrdad Motejalli
Assistant, translator
Aria Del-Phani
Deniz Tafaghodi
Amir Amiri
Special thanks
Mohammad Abbasi, Ali Moini, Mohammad Enjavi Amiri
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