Selection Paris

Eirini Papanikolaou

Anthemoessa Greece
Eirini Papanikolaou
Musical creation
Vagelis Kourastis
Lights creation
Nikos Vlasopoulos
Mellow Boys Productions
Erato Chatira, Myrto Delimichali, Despina Kavouri & Vicky Spachou
Thanks to
Patricia Apergi, Tripodium dance company, Frosso Trousa et Dimitris Nasiakos (Dan.c.ce unitiva)

The interminable journey of four travellers is disrupted when they encounter Anthemoessa, the island of the Sirens. They fall under the charm of wise words and the harmony of the sirens' song.

Eirini Papanikolaou was born in Athens in 1986. She graduated from the N. Kontaxaki professional dance school in Athens. In 2008, she joined the dance company Tilt. She has worked for several artists including Despoina Kavouri, Pil and Galia collektiv, Elina Stamateli, and has performed in the festivals Dance Days Chania, Ionikes Giortes and the 4th Athens Biennale. In 2014 she took part in a dance seminar taught by Patricia Apergi (Aerites Dance Company). In May 2015, she created Anthemoessa, which opened the Arc for Dance festival in Athens. In November 2015, Anthemoessa was performed in several central Athens locations as part of the European Dancehouse Network event. Eirini is also a biology graduate of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She has been a ballet teacher since 2008.

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Cie Popùliphonia – Romain Pichard

Blue Monday France
Romain Pichard
Julien Crépin, Jade Lohé, Morgane Lory, Ludovic Pelissolo & Lucile Rey

It's the moment when you're at a party and you decide to get up and dance. You know, that moment when it's sometimes so hard to get up and do it. Sometimes you have to really work on yourself to find the courage.

Born in Burgundy in 1986, Romain Pichard lives in Paris. He is an actor, director, choreographer and, sometimes, he gets up and dances. He trained in theatre at the Atelier Théâtral de Création de Françoise Roche and at the Auvray-Nauroy school, while studying the history of art at the Sorbonne. He created the Compagnie Popùliphonia in 2009, where he developed his work as a director over the course of five productions, then as a choreographer with his first production, Blue Monday. He also acts with the companies MKCD, Instincts Grégaires and the actors' collective TAC.

Mithkal Alzghair

Déplacement Syria/Turkey/France
Mithkal Alzghair
Mithkal Alzghair, Rami Farah & Samil Taskin
Mithkal Alzghair, porté par SMartFR
Godsbanen (Aarhus – Danemark), Musée de la Danse-CCN de Rennes et de Bretagne, fondation AFAC
With support of
CND de Pantin, studio Le Regard du Cygne

Without trying to find a past that is no more, or to invent a future without memories, Mithkal Alzghair is interested in the heritage of the Syrian body, to reveal what is human in this complex context of revolutions, migrations, wars, rising ideologies and gasps for freedom.

Mithkal Alzghair is a choreographer, a dancer, a Syrian. His studies cross from East (the Institut supérieur d'art dramatique in Damascus, Syria, specialised in classical and modern dance) to West (a masters in choreographic studies At the Centre chorégraphique national de Montpellier, France). His creations have been performed in Syria (Théâtre National – Damascus), in Lebanon (Plateforme internationale de danse contemporaine – Beirut), in Denmark (Godsbanen – Aarhus), in France (Théâtre de la Cité Internationale, CCNMLR, CND, Regard du Cygne, Klap maison pour la danse...), and in Italy (Bologne). He was invited to the festival L'art difficile de filmer la danse in Brussels for his film Out of there, a Contredanses. He has performed the work of several choreographers, in Sweden (Marie Brolin-Tani), Denmark (Mai Svalholm) and France (Xavier Le Roy and Christophe Wavelet). He recently collaborated with the Italian company In-Occula for the European project CRACK.

Johanna Faye, Mustapha Saïd Lehlouh

FACT France
Linda Hayford, Sarah Aviaja Hammeken, Tarek Aitmeddour, Marvin Kemat, Théophile Benssoussan, Jerome Fidelin & Mustapha Said Lehlouh
Lights creation
Cyril Mulon
Music creation
François Przybylski said Awir Léon

FACT questions the body in movement in the urban space and the ways in which the city and its flux sculpture our instincts.

From the underground scene to prestigious theatres, Johanna Faye has collaborated with different choreographers such as Sébastien Ramirez, Amala Dianor, Jérémie Bélingard, Tishou Aminata Kane and Sylvain Groud.
Mustapha Saïd Lehlouh, aka Darwin (Bad Trip Crew), has been part of several projects with Redha Benteifour, Storm, Amala Dianor, Constanza Macras and Sébastien Ramirez. Both from a breakdance background, they have developed, over several years, a personal and original style of dance that seeks to make silences and “other movements” live. In 2014 they co-wrote their first piece, Iskio, with which they won the SACD Beaumarchais prize in 2015. As a result they created the Black Sheep company.


Graft, danse d'une espèce à venir France/Italy/Canada
Francesca Bonesio & Nicolas Guiraud
Brenda Clark, Quentin Ogier, Christie Lehuédé & Marion Le Guével

Qu’advient-il de nos corps soumis à expérience illimitée du virtuel.

What will happen to our bodies subjected to the unlimited experience of the virtual?

Atelier 37.2 is born of a meeting: an Italian architect, Francesca Bonesio, and a French photographer, Nicolas Guiraud. The workshop 37.2 creates ephemeral and perennial works for Land Art and works in the public space.
Francesca Bonesio was born in Turin, Italy, in 1976. She studied at the Polytechnic University of Turin (degree in architecture in 2001 and PhD in 2007). She lives and works in Paris, where she co-founded 37.2 in 2009. Nicolas Guiraud was born in Bayonne, France, in 1970. He studied in France (prépa HEC, degree from the ICN business school in Nancy in 1994 and DEUG in philosophy). He lives and works in Paris, where he divides his time between photography and art installations with 37.2, which he co-founded in 2009.
Brenda Clark lives and works in Paris. She is a choreographer, aerial dancer and actress. She studied in Toronto (B.A. In English and dramatic art) then trained as an actress at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. She is currently working on I.C.E, a new project from the Compagnie Au Cul du Loup. Quentin Ogier lives and works in Paris. He is a dancer, actor and musician. Since 2015 he has been UDO, complètement à l’est, in the production by La Cordonnerie performed most notably at the Théâtre de la Ville. Co-founder of the Compagnie Au Cul du Loup, he is known by the name of Quint for his musical activities.

Jean Hostache, Garance Silve

Le Sacre du Printemps France
Choreography direction
Jean Hostache & Garance Silve
Musical direction
Myriam Jarmache
Marius Barthaux, Maxime Bizet, Thomas Bleuton, Louise Buléon Kayser, Agathe De Wispelaere, Juliet Doucet, Justine Dibling, Giulia Dussolier, Jean Hostache, Alexandre Houy-Boucheny, Myriam Jarmarche, Simon Peretti & Garance Silve

La ville en feu is a pluralistic artistic collective, currently exploring work on choreographic and vocal research around the Sacre du Printemps (Rite of Spring).

Jean Hostache and Garance Silve are two young choreographers from Aix-en-Provence aged 21 and 22. In parallel with their various university and practical studies, they both train at the Camille Saint-Saëns conservatory of dramatic arts, and in Nadia Vadori Gauthier's contemporary dance class. Jean has worked with Marcus Borja in Théâtre, on the Poétiques de la voix et Espace sonore in the SACRe (Science Art Création Recherche) module at the Conservatoire national supérieur d’Art Dramatique, and with Olivier Py in the creation of the production Hamlet interdit at FabricA (Avignon). Garance is working this year with Roméo Castellucci in Nature e Origine della mante at T2G.

Marion Schoevaert, Violaine Schwartz, Annamirl Van Der Pluijm

MOLOCH South Korea /France
Stage direction
Marion Schoevaert
Violaine Schwartz
Jun Mi Park
Pierre Baux, Terrence Bae & Han Kang Woo
Annamirl Van Der Pluijm & Violaine Schwartz
Korean percussion
Ko Ki Hyuk

MOLOCH presents a sacrificial and purifying ritual for the theatre, inspired by bullfighting and Korean shamanism. The performance will see Jérôme Kerviel, Bernard Madoff and Sung Wan-Jong put to death – stripped of their godly status in the arena of the theatre.

Marion Schoevaert worked in New-York for 15 ans, where she staged productions by contemporary French playwrights (Vinaver, Koltès, Cadiot, Lagarce...) and worked with the New York Philharmonic. In 2006 she moved to Seoul and joined the Compagnie Wuturi (Les Coréens by Vinaver, French tour, Confessions by Kim Kwang-lim at Seoul Arts Center, Mr. Kim Lee Park at SPAF and Red Devils at the Korea National University of Arts in Seoul). Returning to France in 2013, she created Splanchnik Company.
Violaine Schwartz has worked with Georges Aperghis, Alain Ollivier, Jacques Lassalle, Ludovic Lagarde, Gilberte Tsaï and Ingrid von Wantoch Rekowsky, among others. She has written radio plays for France Culture, and two novels published by P.O.L.: La Tête en arrière and Le Vent dans la bouche (Prix Eugène Dabit); for the choreographer Cécile Loyer, L’Hippocampe mais l’hipoccampe at the Concordan(s)e festival; for the theatre, Comment on freine, P.O.L., at the CDN Besançon and Théâtre de la Commune in Aubervilliers.
Annamirl van der Pluijm was born in Holland and completed her studies at the Rotterdam Dance Academy in 1983. For 10 years she worked as dancer and assistant choreographer with Jan Fabre (Belgium) and as principal dancer with Reinhild Hoffmann (Germany). Since 1992 she has choreographed her own solos (in coproduction with Klapstuk, De Vooruit, Culturgest, Theater im Pumpenhaus...) and performed them at several international festivals. She also collaborates with Marc Vanrunxt and the Compagnie Mossoux-Bonté. In 1994 she created Solo M., a performance inspired by Martha Graham, the grande dame of contemporary dance (1894-1991), for Culturgest, Lisbon. In 2007 she moved to the Nièvre department of Burgundy, France. She started to teach at the Abéïcité in Corbigny and works as a dancer/choreographer with several companies in the region (Compagnie Alfred Alert, Compagie Deviation, Compagnie Métalovoice, Compagnie Les alentours rêveurs).

Jasmina Krizaj, Cristina Planas Leitão

The Very Delicious Piece Portugal/Slovenia
Jasmina Krizaj and Cristina Planas Leitão
Jasmina Krizaj, Cristina Planas Leitão, Daniela Cruz, Ana Renata Polónia, Catarina Miranda, Aymara Parola, Sophia Rodriguez & Valentina Campora

The Very Delicious Piece XL explores the uncertain terrain between amusement, a state of love and an intimate experience, involving eight bodies that are revealed yet individual. These eight bodies give sense to the relationships that deform us physically and render us addicted to the drama.

Cristina Planas Leitão and Jasmina Krizaj both earnt their degrees in 2006 from Dutch schools of the arts (Dance Performance from Artez – Arnhem Dansacademie & De Theaterschool - School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam). In 2010 they were invited to take part in the project 50 days in Costa Rica with David Zambrano, where they acquired the qualifications to teach, use and renew the techniques of “Flying Low” and “Passing Through”. They never met during their studies in Holland, but they swapped numerous ideas in the communal bathroom in Costa Rica. It was through these intimate exchanges that The Very Delicious Piece and their second production The Very Boring Piece were born. Today these two performances are touring, together with pieces that each has created individually. Nostalgia for an envisaged common future is what keeps them together.

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Maud Blandel

Maud Blandel
Music creation
Orane Duclos
Lights creation
Léa Maris
Lola Kervroëdan, Colline Libon, Aline Lopes, Maya Masse & Ana Teresa Pereira
Administration & production
Anna Ladeira
Arsenic-centre d’art scénique contemporain, Lausanne, Les Subsistances-Laboratoire international de création artistique, Lyon, et le soutien du Festival Parallèle-Komm’n’act
With support of
Ville de Lausanne, Loterie Romande, Pro Helvetia, Service culturel Migros Vaud, Fondation Ernst Göhner, Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art

Light that blinds, darkness that restores. TOUCH DOWN is a choral piece that offers to seize the – tragic – destiny of the cheerleader.

Originally trained in contemporary dance in Toulouse, Maud Blandel was part of the first intake of students on the Directing masters at the Manufacture de Lausanne in 2012. As part of the course, she worked with Robert Cantarella, Jean-Yves Ruf and Frank Vercruyssen (TG Stan). She then began her research into the notion of the sacrificed body through a first body-conference on the bodies of hysterics, taking up the theme of the “Tuesday lesson” initiated by Charcot at the La Salpetrière hospital. In parallel, she started working with the director Karim Bel Kacem: they worked together on the Sport Spectacle Project at the Saint-Gervais de Genève theatre, a laboratory of observation into the issues and links between sport and politics. Keen to develop her interest in the representation of the feminine body that began during her studies, Maud created TOUCH DOWN in December 2015 at the Arsenic de Lausanne.

Pauline Corvellec

Shadé Abayomi, Jean Baptiste Alfonsi, Robin Barde, Tess Blanchard, Alice Bourdon, Paul Cepedes (Guitare), Clément Chébli, Coraline Claude, Séverine Cojannot, Aurélien Collewet alias Biscuit, Morgane Dallot, Juliette Dutent, Maxence Fassion, Laure Fleitz, William Franchi, Clément Gires (Bassiste), Alice Giuliani, Lucas Intini, Jules Jassef (Trompettiste), Alice de La Baume, Claire Le Fouler, Sarah Le Ray, Geoffrey Leray (Batteur), Charlotte Mangel, Claire Marx, Davy Monteiro, Agathe Mourier, Corinne Puget, Yoann Rollo, Soazig Ségalou, Anaïs Schwinn, Jeanne Signé (Violoniste), Gérald Weingand & Amélie Weyeneth
Composer & guitar player
Sylvain Bégert
With support of
La Ménagerie de Verre dans le cadre du Studiolab

Twenty-eight luminous body parts meet, look for each other, and dance, on the pathway of reunification.

Pauline Corvellec first took to the stage at the age of 10, and juggled an academic school career with her ambition to devote herself totally to the arts and study at such schools as the Ateliers du Sudden and the Enfants Terribles. Quickly noticed by several directors, she took part in performances such as Michel Schweitzer's Fauves, with which she toured for three years throughout Europe (TNBA, Théâtre national de Chaillot, Ferme du Buisson, TCI, Quartz, Kampnagel, Vidy...). In parallel, she assisted François Bourcier and Alice de La Baume in the staging of several pieces and directed Violette sur la Terre de Carole Fréchette in 2012. Next, she launched into her own choreographic work with Des Corps, developed from improvisations around her recurrent theme of the body. Currently, she is preparing a web series with Spigo films, which will be screened in July 2016 as part of Temps Mort at the Théâtre des Lucioles, Paris.

Pierre Piton

Pierre Piton
Performers & choreographers
Anna-Marija Adomaityte, Audrey Dionis, Clémentine Le Bas, Romane Peytavin

During these 10 minutes, who will we see the most, who will be the most convincing, who will the public remember most at the end of the performance?

Pierre Piton started his career at the Conservatoire national supérieur de Danse de Paris (CNSMDP) in 2010. Over four years, he followed a cursus of contemporary dance during which he learnt all the tools of choreographic composition for the first time. In 2013 he was invited to present his project Et les arbres dans tout ça, a creation for five dancers, at the festival Entrez dans la danse in Paris. Then, in 2014, he finished his training at La Manufacture (Lausanne), with a Bachelor of Arts with the option choreographic creation developed by Thomas Hauert. There he learnt the different ways of seeing movement through the practice of sports like archery, volleyball, badminton and martial arts, as well as folk dance and singing. He also had the chance to push forward with his vision of improvisation through the techniques of Martin Kilvady, David Zambrano, Fabrice Mazliah and Marc Lorimer... All these practices changed his way of conceiving dance and choreography, and allowed him to develop a personal enquiry into the body and its movement.

DAL project

Erase the moon South Korea
Authors & performers
Jeong-Ho Lee, So-Min Kwak, Tae-Gyeom Yu, Jae-Won Jung, So-Jin Kwak

It's a story that shows how each of us can have a significant role in our world that seems not to listen.

Jeoung-Ho Lee worked as a dancer at the Korean National University of the Arts in 2014. He was the producer and scenographer of the group production Blinking hands, remembering hands, dancing hands. In 2015, he danced in the performance glass, directed and produced anxiety and shadow-garden project, and choreographed and danced in gon-gyeounhee-gongyeoun.
Since 2010, So-Jin Kwak has worked on several projects: slap (ssmadang gallery), a picture from the light (ssmadang studio, 2012), Exhibition during 4hour 16min (2014), Blinking hands, remembering hands, dancing hands (2014), I sometimes dream of you when my body flickers (programmed as part of the Experimental Film and Video festival in Seoul in 2014). He directed the short films possibilities, we hope to make our confession to be vain and sky is a background of birds. In 2015, he was director of photography for the documentary film flashbulb memory.

Lyon-Eun Kwon

Glory South Korea
Lyon eun Kwon
Music creation
Jimmy Sert
Lights creation
Sung Hee Yu
Jae Lee Kim
Seung Hyun Kim, Do Wan Kim & Jimmy Sert

Korean men have always known the pride of protecting their country by serving in the military. Men who dance can acquit their obligations and know glory by winning a dance competition. Two different battles for glory live in a single body.

Kwon Lyon Eun, born in Seoul, is a Korean dancer and choreographer. She took a masters in choreography at the Korea National University of Arts. She won the French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographers with the project The Skill for Me, at Yokohama Dance CollectionEX in Japan in 2014. She has been an artist in residence at different national choreographic centres in France (Paris, Montpellier, Rillieux-la-Pape, Rennes). She presented Homo Knitiens at the CND in 2014-2015. She was chosen in 2011-2012 for a Young Art Frontier AYAF and in 2012 as Emerging Choreographer by the Arts Council of Korea. In 2015 she was invited to the Yokohama and Seoul Performing Arts Festival with her project Dance Cross.

Paul Changarnier – Collectif A/R

h o m e France
Conception & stage direction
Paul Changarnier
Thomas Demay et Julia Moncla
Musician performer
Paul Changarnier
Émilie Piat
Dog Food
Sound booth
Rémi Bourcereau
Collectif A/R
Matières Premières - Centre Chorégraphique National de Rillieux-la-Pape dir. Yuval Pick
With support of
DRAC Auvergne - Rhône-Alpes / Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication

Based on the principles of rehearsals and accidents, h o m e is a performance where physical cut-up raises questions about the relationship of the couple in everyday life.

Born in 1987, Paul Changarnier is a drummer/percussionnist and a graduate of the CNSMD in Lyon. Since 2010 he has worked and collaborated with choreographers such as Yuval Pick (No Play Hero) and Maud Le Pladec (DEMOCRACY), and co-founded the Collectif A/R (États des Lieux) with the dancers Thomas Demay and Julia Moncla. He is a member of the Trio SR9, with whom he created MACHINE(s) and CORPORELS, a member of the Ensemble TaCTuS, a formation focused on multidisciplinary performances, and plays with Dog Food. A musician engaged in contemporary creation, he works and exchanges with the composers of his time (Pierre Jodlowski, Benjamin De La Fuente, Francesco Filidei, Benoit Montambault...), records extracts of the repertoire of Jean-Sebastien Bach (Goldberg variations, label Skarbo/Bach au marimba, label Naïve) and is directing his first choreographic research project, h o m e.

Laurent Cèbe

Les Gens qui doutent France
Stage direction & choreography
Laurent Cèbe
Aïcha El Fishawy, Flora Detraz, Alice Masson, Quentin Gibelin, Cédric Cherdel, Quentin Ellias
Collectif THTF
[H]ikari Production
Onyx La Carrière (St-Herblain), Centre Chorégraphique National de Nantes, Danse à tous les étages (Rennes/Brest)
With support of
Au bout du plongeoir (Rennes), Les Fabriques laboratoires artistiques (Nantes), Ville de Nantes

“People who doubt is a stance, it's a question of generations, it's the context in the content, it's joyous, it's multiple and it's the self, it's a way of seeing things that doesn't get hooked, it's the feet that say no to the body, it's a friendship, it's open and dilated.” Flora Detraz

After training in the Coline dance method in Istres in 2008, Laurent Cèbe completed his dance education with the Centre Chorégraphique National de Rillieux-la-Pape under Maguy Marin's direction. Originally from Martigues (near Marseilles), he has lived and worked in Nantes since 2013. His creations use different mediums (drawings, videos) and he has always been attracted by the idea of putting movement on the stage and on the page. He created Pièce pour Pièce (2012-2014), Le Discours sincère (2014) and Les Gens qui doutent (2016-2017).

Christos Papadopoulos - Leon and wolf compagny

OPUS Greece
Christos Papadopoulos
Amalia Kosma, Ioanna Paraskevopoulou, Maria Bregianni, Hermes Malkotsis
Light technician
Miltos Athanasiou

The main theme in OPUS is to study the sophisticated structure of classical music and to understand sound as a line drawn in space; an attempt to examine our first reflex on listening to music.

Christos Papadopoulos was born in Nemea in 1976. He studied at the School for New Dance Development (at the Amsterdam School for the Arts) and at the Dramatic School of the National Theatre of Greece. He also studied at the Department of European and International Studies at the Panteion University of Athens. He is one of the founder members of the dance company Lion and the Wolf. His personal projects include OPUS (work in progress)/Porta Theatre 2016, Elvedon/Porta Theatre, ARC For Dance Festival-Athens 2015, Counter Reset/Melkweg Amsterdam 2003 and Digono/Panorama Dance Festival Athens, Alexandria Egypt 2005, Istanbul Turkey and Arnhem Holland in collaboration with the choreographer Vaso Giannakopoulou. As a dancer, he takes part in the projects of Dimitris Papaioannou, Alexandra Waieshtall Noema Dance Company, Kirstin Kuyl Anderson WEGO dance company, Robert Stain and many others. He was part of the team in charge of the choreography of the Olympic Games in Baku in 2015 as well as the opening and closing ceremonies of the Athens Olympics in 2004.

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COLLECTIF (LA) HORDE Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer, Arthur Harel

Stage direction & conception
Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer & Arthur Harel
Assistants creation
Héloïse Lesimple & Léa Lamerre
Valentin Basset alias Bassardo, Camille Dubé-Bouchard, Nicolas Delomez alias Delome, Holoda László alias Leslee, Kevin Martinelli alias MrCovin, Jelle Meulendijks, Justine Parisien Dumais, Edgar Scassa alias Edx, Andrii Shkapoid alias Shkap & Damian Szczegielniak alias Leito
With support of
La Cité Internationale des Arts de la ville de Paris, du CND et des Offices jeunesse internationaux du Québec.

TO DA BONE is a variation on the Mainstream Hardcore movement for 10 international dancers and jumpers. The basic step of jumpstyle is demonstrated collectively over 8 minutes, intercut by solos with multiple inspirations (oldschool, hardjump, ownstyle, shuffle and hakken).

(LA)HORDE is a collective of three artists: Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer, Arthur Harel. They develop their practice through stage productions, films, video installations, choreographic creations and performance. TO DA BONE is the result of a long process undertaken by the collective over several years on post-internet dance and the mainstream hardcore movement. A subject dear to the collective that has already nourished two productions and several performances on the same theme: a 15-minute short film Novaciéries (2015), selected for several festivals (Nouveau Festival Centre Pompidou [FR], IFFR [NL], Clermont-Ferrand [FR], Slamdance [USA], Tous écrans [CH], Cinédans [NL], etc.), and a 45-minute choreographic piece for the École de Danse Contemporaine de Montréal (EDCMTL) entitled Avant les gens mouraient (2014).

With support of and