The rules
of the game

Danse Élargie is open to any artist, regardless of its line of work, who is tempted by a new scenic adventure. To apply, two rules only: imagine a piece of 10 minutes maximum, involving at least 3 performers on stage. More than 360 projects were submitted by artists from the dance, theatre, visual arts, music and digital art.

Favoring projects designed specifically for the context of the competition, the selection retained 20 projects, involving approximately 150 participants. The idea is, by bringing together artists from different horizons, to open a meeting and exchange space between various forms and scenic languages for contemporary creation : a time designed more for collective sharing than for competition.

If any competition requires a jury, the Danse Élargie jury reflects the image of the project itself: it is composed of international artists, from different generations and chosen for the quality of their vision and their openness to new forms and artistic disciplines.

This jury will present, at the end of the second day, 3 prizes of 10,000 €, 7000 € and 4500 €, with the initial objective of supporting the completion of the project presented within Danse Élargie.

At the same time, a jury composed of spectators will be gathered : it will be responsible for symbolically awarding the audience prize.

For this new artistic adventure, imagined and co-organized by the Dancing Museum and Théâtre de la Ville, la Fondation d’Entreprise Hermès is our committed partner. Danse Élargie also receives support from the SACD.

Théâtre de la Ville and Dancing Museum staff


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Théâtre de la Ville, Paris Musée de la Danse

Le Théâtre de la Ville is supported by Paris Town Hall

Mairie de Paris

Le Musée de la danse is supported by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication - the Direction régionale des Affaires Culturelles, the city of Rennes, the regional Council of Brittany and the General Council of llle-et-Vilaine

Saturday, June 26

11H – 12H

  • 1/ Noé Soulier Little perceptions - France
  • 2/ Tatiana Julien la Mort & l’Extase - France
  • 3/ NousLoveChachacha Hommage à - Belgium, France, Netherlands, Switzerland
  • 4/ Brice Bernier and Sofian Jouini Insolents Solistes - France

12H15 – 13H15

  • 5/ Andonis Foniadakis Do us apart - Greece
  • 6/ Aurélie Briday RIMSHOT - France
  • 7/ Radha Valli Di di di da didi dodo - France
  • 8/ Emmanuelle Grach Stardust Cowboy - France

14H30 – 15H30

  • 9/ Lenio Kaklea Fluctuat nec mergitur - Greece
  • 10/ Blandine Bussery, Mathilde Chénin, Olivier Cyganek and Augustin Grenèche Match Nul - France
  • 11/ Scali Delpeyrat Dance is a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it - France
  • 12/ Miss High Leg Kick Bodies International « That’s Good » - Great Britain

15H45 – 16H45

  • 13/ Suguru Goto L’homme transcendé - Japan
  • 14/ Aloun Marchal, Roger Sala Reyner and Simon Tanguy Gerro, Minos & Him - Netherlands, Spain, France
  • 15/ Mohamed El Khatib Sheep - France
  • 16/ Sylvain Riéjou Clip pour Ste Geneviève - France

17H15 – 18H15

  • 17/ Ivan Argote, Yaïr Barelli and Pauline Bastard DANCE OR DIE - Colombia, Israel, France
  • 18/ Laura Tristan Flores Las Flores - Peru
  • 19/ Jonathan Drillet and Marlène Saldana Un alligator deux alligators ohé ohé - France
  • 20/ Michaël Allibert Je ne suis pas une prostituée, j’espère le devenir - France

Vers 20h30

  • Finalists announced after jury deliberation.

Sunday, June 27


  • Presentation of the finalists


  • Award Ceremony

Free access without reservation, limited seating available.

Théâtre de la Ville, 2 place du Châtelet Paris 4

Coordination Thomas Delamarre