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Jerzy Bielski, Sandra Abouav

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Conception and music
Jerzy Bielski
Sandra Abouav
Sabine Rivière, Akim Moiseenkov, Sandra Abouav, Jerzy Bielski
Set at a ‘board meeting’ four performers explore the every-day influence of the world of banks and big corporations on our life. With rhythm, voices and steps composer Jerzy Bielski exposes the underlying messages and hidden goals of that specific world, twisting and distorting them on the way. The audience is an active participant, following the leaders’ obsessive drive for competition and the will to control people’s desires and dreams.

Jerzy Bielski (Netherlands) – music and dance theatre maker, composer, actor and vocalist. Graduate of Conservatorium of Amsterdam and Middlesex University (London, UK). His interdisciplinary piece not only FUTURISTS has won the main prize at Amsterdam Fringe Festival. Winner of Emerging Excellence Award (UK) and scholarships from Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Musici van Morgen and Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (Netherlands). Leader of two large ensembles, for which he writes all the music, text and performs it live.

Sandra Abouav (France) – choreographer and dancer, leader of the METAtarses dance company, often exploring language and voice possibilities, primal non-verbal gestures (such as yawn) and getting involved in cross-discipline collaborations with film makers, musicians and sculptors. She has developed strong links with the artistic community in Algeria, Tunisia and Russia. Currently working on her own projects in Paris.

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Gihong Kim, Jimin Lim

Ball alive South Corea
Jimin Lim
Author/Cooperation-Art director
Gihong Kim
Prototype making and filming
Gyungwon Baek
Visual artist
Gilhan Son
Assistant director
Soyoon Jung
Yonse An, Jungguen Lee, Heujong Lim, Joyeun Kim, Jaegwun Jang, Gayoung Yoo, Gyungryol Kim, Suyoung Kang, Gyunghee An, Yeona Kang, Seyoung Lee, Hwayoung Kim, Songhwa Chae, Yeaeun Kim, Suhyun Moon, Heami Shin
I want to put ‘a variable’ on a stage, like a soccer ball which is impossible for us to know which directions it bounces. I hope make settings which make performers move by its unpredictable movements. The variable should be something which cannot be trained or tamed. “controlled and uncontrolled” This is a main concept of this work.

The work of Jimin Lim has been a process of 'finding constant newness'. This makes it hard to define his work within one particular genre, yet he would place his way of working within the broad sense of "PLAY". Born in Daegu in 1984, he grew up to major in anthropology, journalism, and aesthetics. Since 2005, I have attended various productions including theater, musical, happening, music drama, video work. With "Tiny Super Mansion(written&directed) he made his debut in 2014, and have been selected as one of the "20 upcoming artists" by the Korean Arts Council. Since then, he had been collaborating with korean visual artists and musicians as well as young artists in Europe, exploring not only "form/expression" but also 'expansion' of text. His recent work(written&directed) is a shortfilm version of the korean traditional tale, "Chunhyang" using the "VR 360-System", and being the founder of "LAMA PLAY", a one person project. Now, he is working on a dance performance called "Ball Alive". The next will be the "Koine Aisthesis" workshop, a collaboration with artists from Denmark.

Works of Gilhong Kim are based on musical inspiration. He was born in Seoul, Korea in 1975. In childhood he had a lot of interest music and arts. In 1995 he entered Hanyang university and studied French Language & Culture. During university he worked as show host in (Cable Music Television) & KFM (Kyung-gi FM Radio station) from 1995 to 1998. After he graduate University and finished his military service he began as concert staff career in Vincero art management in 2006. He participated in presenting various concerts as like Andrea bocelli concert, Ryuich sakamoto concert, Etoile ballet gala concert. In 2012 he was out from Vincero art management and started his own company. He established concert company ‘NUVO.’ He has made several concerts as director and presenter. Currently he had plan to release electronic music single ‘Night’ on Itunes in May 2016 as musician name ‘Oil.’

Chien-Hao Chang

BOUT Taiwan
Chien-Hao Chang
Chien-Hao Chang, Chih-Chieh Chang, Le Shen
We realize the body when we touch, feel alive when we fight.

Chien-Hao is a choreographer and performer based in Taiwan. He graduated from the Dance Department of Taipei National University of the Arts. He established CHANG Dance Theater with his three brothers in 2011.
In 2012, Chien-Hao was invited by Danse Elargie Competition in Paris, to present his new work “Three for One”. He also presented his own work for several times in Hong Kong, BeiJing, Singapore and Taiwan From 2012 to 2015.
He also selected as a International Choreographer Residency in ADF (American Dance Festival) 2014.

Gyeong-Min Kang

Finding Myself South Korea
Gyeong-Min Kang
Gyeong-Min Kang, In-Jung Kim, Ga-Gyeong Kim
Byeong-Kyun Kim
Ji-Gu Kim
Frustrated again. He feels disappointed again. He doesn’t need small excuses and empty mind anymore to prove himself. It makes him feel disappearing in the world.

The wall, between him and other people, is always hard for him to overcome. Repeated expectation.
He admits that nobody understands him, but wants to be understood by someone else at the same time. He is looking for somebody who can embrace him the way he is.

Gyeong-Min Kang graduated from Yeung-Nam University. She participates in Mul-A modern dance company. Moreover she is a choreographer whose peoformance’s are mainly delivered in Daegu


Landing South Korea
SangBang company
Hyeyoung Joo, Minjin Lee, Seungrok Kim, Seiseung Lee
Hyewon Jeong
Passing Josh
Concentrating on the fact that many historical events occurred nearby the coast, we are bringing in a beach as the setting by playing an image of a shore on the background. The main events that we are handling are 'The Normandy Landings (WWII)' and 'The Incheon Landing (Korea War)'. The sight of the young soldiers landing in the middle of a severe war is very different, almost contrary to a fisherman coming back from sailing, even though they are both acting for their own sakes. Soldiers carefully crawling for defense can somehow resemble the movements of children innocently playing around by the beach. The accumulation of common movements such as running, lying down or tripping can trigger the audience's curiosity of the movement's purpose. Moreover, by developing the movements, we insist the audience to remind the purpose of the historic event itself.

SangBang was organized in 2012 by some intimate choreographers. At the first, they started their activity as a movement research group. They have been concentrating on sharing movement methods among members. The group has developed as an organization to make dance works, to organize workshop and festival, to challenge many possibility of the movement.

Ambiguous Dance Company / Bo Ram Kim

Linguistics South Korea
Bo Ram Kim
Da Un Jin, Hyun Soo Yun, Kung Min Jang, Jae Hee Shin & Bo Ram Kim
Eun Kyung Lee
Seung Hwa Chang
Eight years since the company established, their fundamental method has been that creating virtual sound with their movement. What they sensed from the process is that ‘Dance’ is placed very close to the linguistic field accompanied by the concept of time rather than the artistic one. Based on this idea, Ambiguous Dance Company is eager to open an ability of new linguistic field by human body.

In 1983, Bo Ram Kim was born in Wando, South Korea. Since he was 16 years old, he worked as a street dancer and a back-up dancer. In parallel, he graduated at the Department of Contemporary Dance of Seoul Institute of the Arts. In 2008, he found Ambiguous Dance Company and actively worked on as a choreographer. Major works of the company are Bolero (2008), Mistake (2009), Coexistence (2010), Body Concert (2010), The Rhythm of Humans (2013), The Gift (2015). Bolero received the ‘award of the best piece at CJ Young Festival’ in 2008. Mistake was created for the closing ceremony of CJ Young Festival and later won the ‘Touch Point Art Foundation Prize at Yokohama Dance Collection’ in 2014. The Rhythm of Humans was nominated as 'The Best Piece Award' at Korean Association of Dance Critics. Currently Ambiguous Dance Company is a resident company of Ansan Arts Center. The Gift was made in collaboration with Gunpo Prime Philharmonic Orchestra and a film maker, Jae Hee Shin. It was nominated as the ‘Best Collection of year’.

Sun-Tae Lee

No one or Everyone South Korea
Any one of us can perpetrate a crime by merely witnessing a crime, committing violence, etc. At the same time, this person can also become a victim. I think we ourselves create this boundary. Through this boundary, we can either become the assailant or the victim. In general, most think that they are becoming victims but it can also be thought somewhat differently. Depending on the perspective of the audience, this person can be the victim or the assailant.

Born in Buyeo, Chungnam province in 1988, starting with B-boy, Suntae Lee went into the world of dancing when he was 11 years old. He showed a relish for all types of dances that being so he entered Chungnam Art High School and begun learning modern dance in earnest. As a result of 3 years of hard training, he could graft B-boy onto modern dance. Eventually he won a gold award in Donga Students’ Dance Competition in 2005. In 2006, he was accepted by Korean National University of Art through rolling admission and started a big step toward his career as an artist. He was awarded the grand prize in Donga Dance Concours in 2005. He also took first place in Seoul National Dance Concours and that led him to be exempted from military service. Even other than that, he performed well in several competitions and got the credit for his talent. After graduation, he joined LDP dance company and worked on various art works and stage experiences. In 2013, he appeared in a TV show named Dancing 9 which was the very first dance survival program on and he led his team to victory. It became a trigger to give wider publicity to dancing. Since then he founded STL Art Project with the motto “Universal art for the public”. And he has been extremely active in choreograph career to interact with the public.

Gaëtan Bulourde

Hyojin Kim & Christophe Albertijn
To celebrate the centenary of the Sacre du Printemps, the Kaai theater in Brussels commissioned the French-Brussels artist Gaëtan Bulourde to write a new version of this impressive work. Using homemade instruments made from cardboard and other recycled materials, Bulourde presents, as well as possible, a faithful interpretation of the original score of Le Sacre du Printemps. The result is a poor but humorous version, a radical desacralization of this masterpiece.

Gaëtan Bulourde is born in1968. After mathematics studies, he met students from art school and CNDC in Angers and developed interest for fine art and dance. He played bass guitar with various bands of rock or experimental music in Angers, Paris and Berlin. He also collaborates as dancer/performer with Meg Stuart, Xavier Le Roy, Christian Rizzo. Between 2007 and 2010, he participates as a musician at Sleaze Art, a 7 electrics basses and guitars band around the composer Kasper Toeplitz. His personal projects are presented in France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Spain. He actually lives and works in Brussels.

Sung-Im Her, So-Mang Lee

YOU ARE OKAY! Belgium/South Korea
Sung-Im Her
So- Mang Lee
Bo-Bea Kim
In this year, I have started my research with interviewing Korean immigrants who have lived in Germany for longer than 50 years. My question is whether and how Korean migrant workers integrated into German /Foreign society. In a world which new generations as 'global citizens' growing, these are important questions and without real understanding of each other, living closer would just feel threaten. By sharing personal history I would like to achieve a common basic ground where we can deeply understand each other.

Sung-Im Her was born in Seoul and came to Belgium in 2004 for choreography studies at P.A.R.T.S. She worked with Jan Fabre/Troubleyn for solo piece “Quando l’uomo principale e une donna” and group piece “Je suis sang”. She joined Les ballets C de la B (Koen Augustijnen) in 2008. Since 2009, she started working with Needcompany (Jan Lauwers, Grace Ellen Barkey) for the creation of “This door is too small (for a bear), “Market place 76”, “House of our Fathers”, “Mushroom” and “Just for Bolzano”, “All tomorrows parties”. In 2015, Sung-Im Her & Abattoir Ferme created together “NYMF” which received the best piece of the year in 2015, selected by dance critics.

So-Mang Lee was born in Germany as a daughter of Dispatched Korean nurse. During her time at the RCA in London, So-Mang Lee completed a Masters degree in Communication Art and Design. She creates innovative performances combining shadow puppetry, animation and multimedia technology. These are projected onto the big screen to become a fully immersive experience. Somang have been collaborating with musicians, film and theatre makers across majore UK art venues.

Hsin-Yu Kao

An Inscrutable Man Taiwan
Hsin-Yu Kao
Yen-Yu Pai, Yi-Yang Kao, Siang-Fu Zeng, Kuang-Yu Hsieh, Yu-Kai Hsueh, Chih-Yu Yen, Yu-Hung Wang, Chueh-Kai Kuo, Bo- Jia Huang, Chin-Cheng Yeh, Wen-Cheng Yang
An Inscrutable Man, a dance work of "THE MAN'. The man is extraordinary in calm, and has mercurial characters and with treacherous mind. However, once he drops into a chaotic space created by himself, he sinks in his own inscrutability. It seems effortless to figure out where he is. The only choice is to face the reality of his own.

Hsin-Yu Kao was born in Taiwan. He received his BFA in dance from Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA). Currently, he is a dancer with Compagnie Käfig in France. Beside his professional dancer career, he has been invited to give master classes and dance workshop around the world, which includes France, United States of America, Cambodia, Nepal, Singapore, Thailand, and Taiwan. He is an alumnus of Tso-Ying Senior High School Dance Division in Kaohsiung City (Taiwan) and also a member of Tso's Dance Association, where he has been invited as a guest dancer, teacher, and choreographer.

Ousmane Sy

Basic France
Conception & choreography
Ousmane Sy
Music creation & live music
DJ Sam One
Sets and lighting
Xavier Lescat
Odile Lacides, Jade Fehlmann, François Marna & DJ Sam One
With the support of
La Villette, la Ville de Lille - FLOW, la Maison Daniel Féry - Maison de la musique de Nanterre, du théâtre de Vanves, du Centre Chorégraphik Pôle Pik, et de la SPEDIDAM.
Ousmane Sy sets out to explore the multiple influences and energies of club dances. Starting from the basic steps in the techniques of each of the dancers – house dance, hip hop, top rock et jazz – he develops a choreographic writing focused on the variation and the feeling of the dancers, in which virtuosity and risk-taking are expressed in solos, duos or trios. On stage, the live DJ works closely with the dancers for a total immersion in the world of the club.

A long-time specialist in house dance, Ousmane Sy has developed a style that integrates movements from traditional African dances. He is a member of the group Wanted Posse, co-founder of the group Serial Stepperz and founder of the group Paradox-sal. With a wealth of experience in France, and respected and recognised internationally in the world of hip-hop dance, Ousmane Sy wants most of all for his projects to reflect contemporary and popular artistic expressions, in line with our shared present and his own personal experiences.

Seyoung Jeong

Deus ex machina South Korea
Seyoung Jeong
Stage direction
Lee Jaemin
Seyoung Jeong, Seo Jaehyoung, Lee Sinsil
Performance Deus ex machina take characters of "Deus ex machina" that was used often to resolve the conflict and conclude the drama in the Greek tragedy. The spectator is able to observe an illogical progress of the narrative and is also able to follow another narrative that is produced by the body itself in the performance.

Seyoung Jeong is a performance artist. He began to pay attention about the stage as a medium by studying theater. And his interests be naturally expanded into Space-Body-Narrative Structure. He accepts actively medium-spatial characteristics to embody "Storytelling on the stage", works now about the physical-social relation that exists between theater and spectator..

Luisa Saraiva

Hochwasser Germany/Argentina/Belaruse/Spain/United States/France/Portugal/Syria/Taiwan
Luísa Marinho Saraiva
Aaron Davis, Alejandro Russo, Baptiste Bersoux, Ching Mei Huang, Charlotte Virgile, Céline Bellut, Monika Sicart, Stsiapan Hurski and Yara Eid
Nicolas Kretz
“The dreary mechanization of life, the deep decline of morality, the faithlessness of the people, the spuriousness of art." Hermann Hesse, Das Glasperlenspiel

Luísa Marinho Saraiva was born in 1987 in Porto, Portugal. She finished her master studies in Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology and Education of the University of Porto in 2010. Since then she has worked as an independent collaborator at the Centre for Psychology at the University of Porto. In 2010 she was awarded a scholarship from the Portuguese government (INOV-Art), directed to young artists, to dance in Porto Alegre Cia de Dança (Brazil) and in Mark Sieczkarek Company (Wuppertal, Germany). Luísa completed her dance education at Folkwang University of Arts in 2015. She has worked with Susanne Linke, Jorge Puerta Armenta, Willie Dorner, Catarina Miranda (SOOPA) and Kammerelektronik collective. As a creator, she recently took part in the program “Choreographic Dialogues” in PACT Zollverein and in several festivals for young choreographers in Essen (Folkwang Universität der Künste), Düsseldorf (Tanzhaus NRW) and Porto (Campo Alegre Theater, Companhia Instável).

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A-Reum Han, Ho-Yeon Kim, Jung-Ha Lim

In the Melting Pot South Korea
A-Reum Han, Ho-Yeon Kim, Jung-Ha Lim
Only human beings of all the creatures existing on earth cause stronger changes of the earth than natural forces do. Global pollution that we have thought just prevalently becoming a reality, we cannot predict how it is going to affect our future. In this situation, imagine one day that may come in the future.

Ho-Yeon Kim was born in 1984. Entering Yong In University, he completed the master's course at Korea National University of Art. His most representative work is '6 degrees' performed at Bulgaria One Dance Week Festival, Bulgaria Atom Theater and Seoul International Choreography Festival.
Han A-Reum was born in 1989 in Seoul, Korea. She graduated from Deokwon Art High school and Hansung University. She was on stage in 'OPENING - Display OF AN ATTITUDE' choreographed by Ben J.Ripe. She is now teaching students and working on dancing projects.
Jung-Ha Lim was born as a younger sister of twins in 1989. She was majored in modern dance at Kyung Hee University. She performed many performances and choreographed 'Jan Nabi'. Her major works where she was appearing were 'Line rangers', 'Display of an attitude', 'At the moment that it becomes 2', 'No(wno)w' and 'I'm so tired.'

Samuel Joseph, Mathieu Joseph, Jeff Armand

Libre sans Toi-t Mauritius
Conception & choreography
Samuel et Mathieu Joseph
Samuel Joseph, Mathieu Joseph, Jeff Armand
'Free Under Open Sky' is a testimony, the result of an encounter between three Mauritian artists and homeless people. "Through this project we are seeking to get rid of the superfluous and reconnect with the esssence: Body & Rythm. On stage, a minimalist approach: 2 dancers & 1 musician. We will be using as only instruments, our body, our traditional ravane, as well as recycled objects & materials."

Samuel and Mathieu JOSEPH are two brothers aged 27 and 24 years old. They grew up in the underprivileged inner city of Mangalkhan, on the island of Mauritius, where they still live today. Self-taught, they started dancing when they were very young, in the streets of their suburb, inspired by circus and hip hop videos. As from the ages of 15 and 11 years old respectively, they quit school to earn a living as dancers in hotels - (hotel shows for tourists being the main livelihood of Mauritian dancers). In 2005, their encounter with the Mauritian choreographer Stephen Bongarçon will give a new impetus to their career path. Their style will be greatly influenced by contemporary dance and they will have the opportunity to work with foreign choreographers such as Yann Lheureux for the project "Macadam Instinct- Digital Scene", or the company "Black Blanc Beur", to whom they were introduced during one of their visits in Paris.

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Lim Set-Byeol, Yoon Na-Ra , Ho Gi-Sung, Kim Hyeong-Min

Link IN our Kind of Sense South Korea
Choreographers & performers
Set-Byeol Lim, Na-Ra Yoon
Musician & performer
Gi-Sung Ho /G-Slow
Hyeong-Min Kim
We use a MIDI Pad contoller and Bluetootk MIDI sensor which can be captable of controlling the required DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) program in fabricating the music. The silence of the behavior is to express the wavelength has been sound as a pressure anda sensor pad. And it is trying to show that is clamoring of silence in our society.

Set-Byel Lim is a woman born in Seoul . When she was child, her major was synchronized swimming that time she start with ballet, contemporary dance. She found a talent for dance in childhood award from dance competition. Studied dance in basic training at Seoul Arts High School. And then entrance to the Korea National University of Arts. Educated ballet, Korea dance, modern dance , improvisation , jazz , hip hop , dance music, that time was awarded 2nd prize Dong-A Dance Competition in 2009. Then, she met choreographer Akram Khan of the United Kingdom. Akram Khan Company came for performances in that time LG art center. He was seeking for female dancer for "BAHOK" which is his piece and he chose her. 2010- to 2012 from Akram Khan Company in some of the places in the world were activities in the performances. However, due to absence has been back to Korea. And collaboration with the art of other genres (video , exhibition , dance ) choreographed activities. Currently, working at SunHwa Arts High School for teaching and part of dancer Laboratory Dance Project.

Elise Lerat

Rhizomes France
Elise Lerat
In collaboration with performers
Laurent Cebe, Delphy Murzeau, Antoine Orhon, Marc Têtedoie
Collectif Allogène
Rhizomes emerge after listening to one of Gilles Deleuze's courses about the cinema, dedicated to the irreducible movement (le mouvement irréductible).Every gesture will be unique, unable to be replicated exactly. The players order sequences of movements and words, and so create intervals and images that escape them. And if the tragedy is a part of what escapes us? As within any community, they develop principles of life.

Elise Lerat studied Contemporary dance first at the CNDC (Centre National de Danse Contemporaine) in Angers, France, in 1995 and after at the Folkwang-Hochschüle in Essen (Germany). In recent years she has been working with various choreographers: David Rolland («L’étranger au paradis», «sitting boom»), Corinne Duval («Décroire»), Cédric Cherdel («Assis»), Loic Touzé («Autour de la table»), Tino Seghal («Kiss»), with the producer Colyne Morange («Trfff»), with the visual artist Sébastien Lemazurier (performances) and with the filmmaker Arnaud Van Audenhove (short films «Elle», «Morte saison»). She is researching and developing choreographic and video projects within the artistic group, “Collectif Allogène”, that she created in Nantes, with the filmmaker Arnaud Van Audenhove.

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