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Eun-Me AHN artistic director of Eunme Ahn Company, choreographer, performer - south korea

Korean and cosmopolitan, an avant-garde figure, but also choreographer of the very official opening ceremony of the Football World Cup in Deagu in 2002 and present at the most important international festivals, Eun-Me Ahn is adept at cultivating the beauty of contrast. She will mix polka-dots, stripes and flowers and play with the most frivolous colours of pop before immediately plunging into the most solemn austerity, using the most subtle nuances of androgyny, or taking it real slow, all the better to make the rhythms of trance burst out…
It was at the age of 12 that Eun-Me Ahn started her training in traditional Korean dance. In 1989 she completed her studies at the E-Wha University for Women in Séoul, where she got a degree in Fine Art and another in Art. Soon afterwards she graduated in dance from the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts in New York in 1994. From 1986 to 1992, Eun-Me Ahn was a member of the Korean Modern Dance Company and the Korean Contemporary Dance Company of Seoul. In 1986 she started to develop her choreographic work in Korea, continuing until 1993. During her stay in New York she pursued her choreographic activities: over five seasons, from 1995 to 1999, she was successful with several long works, acclaimed by the public and critics alike. Eun-Me Ahn is renowned for her powerful and moving images. She is considered the Korean representative of Japanese Butô dance.
Over the past two years, Eun-Me Ahn has gone back to working intensively in her native South Korea, where he officiated from 2001 to 2004 as the artistic director of the Deagu City Dance Troupe. She also choreographed the opening ceremony of the Football World Cup, some of whose matches took place in Deagu in 2002. Three of her solo works were presented at the Pina Bausch Festival in Wuppertal in 2001. In 2014, Eun-Me Ahn became artistic director of PAMS (the Performing Art Market in Seoul).

Lucinda Childs choreographer - the united states

Lucinda Childs began her career at the Judson Dance Theater in New York in 1963. Since forming her dance company in 1973, she has created over fifty works, both solo and ensemble, and choreographed over thirty works for major ballet companies which include the Paris Opera Ballet, Les Ballets de Monte Carlo, and Baryshnikov’s White Oak Dance Company, and more recently worked as both choreographer and director for sixteen opera productions.
In 1976, she collaborated with Robert Wilson and Philip Glass on the opera Einstein on the Beach, as principal performer and choreographer for which she received a Village Voice Obie award. In subsequent revivals for the opera she choreographed the two “Field Dances.” She has appeared as principal performer in a number of Wilson’s major productions among them, Maladie de la Mort by Marguerite Duras’ , Wilson’s I Was Sitting on my Patio This Guy Appeared I Thought I Was Hallucinating , Quartett, by Heiner Muller and Wilson and Glass’s opera White Raven, and Wilson’s video project Video 50. Most recently she also appeared in Wilson’s production of Arvo Part’s Adams Lament, and collaborated with Robert Wilson and Mikhail Baryshnikov on Wilson’s new production Letter to a Man which premiered in Spoleto Italy in 2015.
She received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1979 for, Dance, with music by Philip Glass, and film décor by Sol LeWitt which has been recently revived along with Available Light with music by John Adams and set design by Frank Gehry, which will be performed this fall in the Festival d’Automne. In 2001, she received the Bessie Award for Sustained Achievement, and in 2004 she was elevated from the rank of Officer to Commander in France’s Order of Arts and Letters. She received the NEA/NEFA American Masterpiece Award in 2009.
In 2017 she will choreograph a full length work with music Philip Glass and décor by James Turrell.

Tiago Guedes choreographer, director of the Municipal Theatre in Porto-Rivoli and Campo Alegre - portugal

Tiago Guedes (Leiria, 1978) began developing his work as a choreographer in 2001, with performances such as Um Solo (2002, ZDB, Festival Danças na Cidade, Lisbon) – winner of several awards including, Danças Na Cidade, Bienal dos Jovens Criadores da Europa e do Mediterrâneo; Materiais Diversos (2003, TNDMII, Lisbon); Trio (2005, Le Vivat, Armentières/Culturgest, Lisbon); Matrioska (2007, Le Vivat); Ópera (July 2007, Negócio/ZDB, Lisbon); Coisas Maravilhosas (2008, Le Vivat, Armentières) and Hoje (2013, Culturgest, Lisbon).
His work has been presented in many theatres and festivals around the world, including in Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Belgium, Switzerland, Brazil, Austria, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Hungary, India and Singapore.
He was associate choreographer at RE.AL (Lisbon) from 2003-07 and resident choreographer at Le Vivat (Armentières) from 2006-08, where he also programmed CARTE BLANCHE, a showcase of Portuguese artists.
In 2007 he became artistic director of the cultural association Materiais Diversos, directing its international performing arts festival since 2009. In 2011 he became artistic director of Cine-Teatro São Pedro in Alcanena, Portugal, a position he held for two years. At this same year, Centre Pompidou-Metz published Instantanés 01 – Tiago Guedes, written by Tiago Bartolomeu Costa. From March 2013 until September 2014, Tiago held the position of artistic director at Teatro Virgínia, Torres Novas. Since September 2014, he is artistic director of Teatro Municipal do Porto.
In addition to his activities as an artist and programmer, he has also lectured at institutions such as Fórum Dança and Escola Superior de Dança in Lisbon and is often invited to participate in conferences and debates in the cultural sector.

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Philippe Belin, Matthieu Deluc, Jonathan Delhumeau, Aurélie Durand, Hélène Fossati Vaudour, William Joop, Killian Le Dorner, Delphine Rosenthal, Gabrielle Rousseau



Samory Ba, Marco Biroli, Jean-Marie Branca, Sonia Branca, Florent Chabrol, Agathe Guillerm, Cindy Emelie, Alice Madar, Héloïse Marty, Abel Meyer, Clara Montpellier, Amaranta Osorio, Cléo Paly, Corinne Poux-Bernard, Jean-Sébastien Roux, Clément Wohrer

Lee Bul visual artist - south korea

Lee Bul (born in 1964, Korea) grew up in Seoul and received a BFA in sculpture from Hongik University. Considered one of the leading Korean artists of her generation, she has achieved international recognition for her formally inventive, intellectually provocative oeuvre. Demonstrating virtuosity across diverse media—from drawing and performance to sculpture, painting, installation and video—her multifaceted production is representative of the most innovative aesthetic currents shaping contemporary art in the global sphere.
Lee Bul’s work has been featured in solo presentations at museums throughout the world, including The Museum of Modern Art, New York (1997); New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York (2002); Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris (2007–08); Mori Art Museum, Tokyo (2012); MUDAM - Musée d'Art Moderne Grand- Duc Jean, Luxembourg (2013-14); National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul (2014). In 1999, she was awarded an Honorable Mention at the 48th Venice Biennale for her contribution to both the Korean Pavilion and the international exhibition curated by Harald Szeemann. In 2014, she received the Noon Award at the 10th Gwangju Biennale, an award given to an established artist who has produced the most experimental work that embodies the theme of the biennale.

Ya-Wen Fu media artist - taiwan/germany

Ya-Wen Fu (b.1980, Taiwan) studied media arts in Germany. Having curatorial experiences, she has joined tamtamART art association as a director since 2009. She seeks to discuss issues about the definition of human body and the relationship between individual body and external surroundings in her work. For Ya-Wen Fu, perceptions, behaviors and movements of body inspire how she creates art with digital media, mixed media, video, performance, and sound production. Her recent group exhibitions include the 16th International Media Art Biennale WRO (2015) and the 5th Dresdner Biennale Germany (2015). Fu currently lives and works in Germany.

Young-Kyu Jang musician - south korea

Young-kyu Young is a music director who leaves addictive rhythm and tone color regardless of genre. In 2009, he worked on as many as five films, Paju, Woochi, A Million, Running Turtle, and The Actresses, which evidences movie directors preference for his music. His arrangement and performance of ‘Dont let me be misunderstood in The Good, the Bad, the Weird(2008), which he collaborated on with DALPALAN, presented forceful beat and excitement to the movie. He started his film music career on The Foul King, and worked on The Coast Guard, A Bittersweet Life, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Hypnotized, Tazza: The High Rollers, and other movies that used intense music. In Dasepo Naughty Girls and Antique, he used musical numbers, which is rarely attempted in Chungmooro. He plays in the indie band ‘AuAuBu Project and worked as the music director of a dance performance of the renowned dancer, PinaBaush. In 2010, he worked on The Yellow Sea by the director of The Chaser.

Vincent Macaigne actor, director - france

A prominent figure in young French cinema as an actor (La fille du 14 juillet, La Bataille de Solférino, Tonnerre, Tristesse Club), a protean artist who is equally at ease as a writer and as a director, Vincent Macaigne started his career on the stage.
He trained at the conservatoire of the 10th arrondissement then at the Conservatoire national supérieur d'art dramatique, and acted in productions by Joël Jouanneau, Michel Didym or Anne Torres. The first productions he directed were based on his own writing: W... Voilà ce que jamais je ne te dirai, Requiem 1, Friche 22.66.
Vincent Macaigne next attacked the classics, which he rewrote with passion, rage and an aesthetic nourished by contemporary images. His adaptation of Hamlet, Au moins j'aurai laissé un beau cadavre, was a huge success with the public at the Avignon festival in 2011.

Dorothée Munyaneza musician, choreographer, actress - france/rwanda

The Rwandan-born Briton Dorothée Munyaneza practises singing and dance and is interested in social integration through music. Munyaneza studied music and social sciences at university. She started to work on her singing with Zara Ballara in 1997 at the Swiss Music School in London (since renamed The Jonas Foundation) and took part in several tours organised by the school as a singer, actor and percussionist.
In 2004 she composed and interpreted the music for Terry George's film Hôtel Rwanda, and joined the group Afro Celt Sound System in 2005 for the album Anatomic. She recorded a solo album with the producer of Afro Celt Sound System, Martin Russell, and collaborated on the English composer James Brett's project Earth Songs. In 2008, she sang in the Kaori Ito production Noctiluque. She met the producer François Verret in 2006 during the production of Sans Retour, and continued her collaboration with him with Ice, Cabaret and Do you remember no I don't.
Today, she collaborates with a variety of artists, choreographers, writers and directors such as Nan Goldin, Mark Tompkins, Robyn Orlin, Alain Buffard and Rachid Ouramdane, and pursues adventures in dance, poetry and experimental music with Seb Martel, Alain Mahé, Jean‐François Pauvros and the choreographer Ko Murobushi.
In 2013 she created her own artistic company, Compagnie Kadidi, and Samedi Détente, her first choreographic piece, was created in November 2014.

Paula Rosolen choreographer, dancer - germany

Paula Rosolen graduated from the HfMDK in Frankfurt. She holds a MA in Choreography and Performance from the JLU in Gießen. She was choreographer in residence at K3-Center for Choreography in Hamburg, Workspace Brussels and Villa Kamogawa in Kyoto.
In her works Die Farce der Suche (2010), Libretto (2012) and Piano Men (2013) she often examines the relationship between documentary theatre, oral history and dance.
Paula Rosolen works with the goal of making visible the inherent dance present in popular culture and mundane activities. These subjects are always studied from a distinct point of view and are usually set in a foreign context.
It is in this spirit that Aerobics! - A ballet in 3 Acts (2015) was born. It is a French-German coproduction by Théâatre de la Ville, Mousonturm, Sophiensaele and Musée de la Danse. Recently was selected for the Tanzplattform in Germany, with further performances at Bouge B Festival in deSingel (Antwerp) and Theaterfestival Basel.
Aerobics! (a 10 minutes version) was awarded 1st prize at Danse Élargie (2014). She founded her company Haptic Hide to develop different kind of artistic projects.
She is currently working on a new piece titled Puppets to be premiered in July 2016 at Mousonturm in Frankfurt.