Filipe Lourenço (Portugal / France)

Gouâl brings six players into play to examine the Alaoui, a war-dance reserved solely for men, built around a leader exhibiting his feats. Cutting loose from frameworks, Filipe Lourenço summons the full and entire engagement of bodies and of the group to highlight the original intensity of this dance.

Filipe Lourenço began his artistic path with folk dances from the Maghreb, before teaching them in turn. At the same time, he trained as a musician, and played the oud (Arab lute) as part of the El Albaycin orchestra for twelve years. After qualifying from CNDC in Angers (then run by E. Huynh), he has collaborated with artists as diverse as Catherine Diverrès, Georges Appaix, Michèle Noiret, Nasser Martin-Gousset, Olivier Dubois, and, more recently, Boris Charmatz and Christian Rizzo. Since 2014, he has been developing his own choreography within the company Plan-K, in particular through the works Homo furens, then Pulse(s) in 2018.

Filipe Lourenço,
assisted by Deborah Lary
Jamir Attar, Khalid Benghrib,
Kerem Gelebek, Sabine Rivière,
Agathe Thévenot,
Ana Cristina Velasquez
Light design
Yves Godin
Ballet du Rhin - CCN de Mulhouse, Théâtre Louis Aragon – Scène Conventionnée Danse de Tremblay-en-France, Pôle Sud – CDCN de Strasbourg, Le Théâtre - Scène Nationale de Mâcon,
Danse à tous les étages – Rennes,
Le dancing – CDCN de Dijon Bourgogne Franche-Comté,
CCN de Roubaix
Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles de la Région Centre-Val de Loire ; Conseil Régional Centre -Val de Loire; Conseil Départemental du Cher ; Ville de Bourges
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