Mathilde Rance (France)

Karnaval is a music and dance bestiary, a strange procession of fantastic and resonant animals. Mathilde Rance explores the collective and transgressive energy in carnivals, the echoes between popular rituals and social movements, as part of a process that she calls “demiurgeous utopist”.

After training in dance and choreography at CNDC in Angers, Mathilde Rance collaborated with Dominique Brun, Nathalie Pernette, Cyril Hériard Dubreuil, Wendy Beckett and Meryl Tankard. Also a musician, harpist and singer, she developed her work around musicality in choreography. In 2018, she resumed her education by enrolling in the Cycle de Formation Recherche et Composition Chorégraphiques at Royaumont Foundation.

Mathilde Rance
Marie Albert, Clémence Baubant, Flora Gaudin, Pierre Lison, Théo le Brunman, Delphine Mothes, Emilia Saavedra, Gilda Stillbäck
Costume design
Émilie Piat
Audrey Veyrac
Macha Gharibian
Music material
Amalia Domergue et Mathilde Rance
Fondation Royaumont (direction Hervé Robbe) ;
Micandanses–Paris ;
Le Générateur–Gentilly
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