Gandini Juggling (United Kingdom)

After spending three decades watching and being inspired by Merce Cunningham’s work, the company is now taking the plunge: What would a juggling show choreographed by the renowned artist have looked like? Far from being a homage, Life could be both a love letter to the choreographer, rooted in his singular artistic universe, and an invitation to a new kind of performance, perhaps even a vector to a new world?

Founded in 1992 by Sean Gandini and Kati Ylä-Hokkala, Gandini Juggling continues to reinvent the art of juggling by introducing performative and movement language without ever forsaking the spirit of mischief innate in circus arts. Gandini Juggling has a fiery desire to position juggling as a malleable and versatile art form engaged in a complex dialogue with the audience.

Sean Gandini,
assisted by Kati Ylä-Hokkala
distribution en cours
Outside look
Jennifer Goggans
Caroline Shaw
Light design
Guy Hoare
Merce Cunningham Trust (New York, USA)
Montclair State University (New Jersey, USA)
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