beauté batarde

Rémi esterle (France)

Beauté bâtarde induces the powerful and singular meeting between a rapper and a couple of tango dancers. These artistic forms – each in their own way – have become the expression of a vital need among multiethnic people to come together, thus creating a distinct language and identity, and a shared culture. Rémi Esterle approaches this piece as the coupling between these two languages that, between conflict and attraction, dismantle each other only to then intertwine, and perhaps create a new form of poetry.

Acrobat with Archaos, hip-hopper (for Cie Massala), then contemporary dancer (with Jackie Taffanel, Sylvie Guillermin), Rémi Esterle discovered tango thanks to the choreographer Catherine Berbessou. After this rich and varied career path, he founded the company Tres Esquinas in 2014 to pursue his research on the intermingling of genres, individuals and cultures, by developing his interest in the rapport with the other, the very impetus for movement in tango.

Concept & choreography
Rémi Esterle
Cécile Rouanne, Rémi Esterle, Marius Hoël (a.k.a Akeron)
Nicolas Esterle
Outside look
David Llari
Centre Chorégraphique National de Créteil
Le Carreau du Temple ; Micadanses ; Danse Dense ; Théâtre Jean Arp;
La Briqueterie - CDCN du Val de Marne ; Compagnie Estro ;
La Fabrique de la Danse
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