rave lucid

Brandon Malboneige Masele
et Laura Defretin (France)

“Spontaneous, engaged and visceral.” These are the words used by Brandon Masele to define their work, influenced to a great extent by the world of battle. Very clear-sighted about the excessive media coverage these last years of the emergence of Tectonik, they recycle its codes and techniques here to develop an original group composition. With Rave Lucid they seek to produce an effect associated with hypnosis and trance, with a strong musical presence, while appropriating the bonds of sociability found in electro dance in the age of Internet.

Young French-Congolese dancer Brandon Malboneige Masele was born in 1994, and became fascinated by electro dance in 2007. He then joined the group Alliance Crew while working with whom he won several French and international prizes. Concurrently, he joined Anthony Egéa’s company Révolution for the show Bliss, and also the team of the musical Résiste choreographed by Marion Motin. In 2018-19, he was a dancer on the world tour of Christine and the Queens, choreographed by the collective (La) Horde, themselves former prize-winners of Danse élargie in 2016.

Born in 1994, Laura Defretin soon made a name for herself in hip-hop circles. In 2007, she began dancing for Criminalz Crew with whom she participated in battles as well as haute couture fashion shows. As part of the company Undercover, she created Sakalapeuch, her first dance work, in 2008. They were crowned champions of France twice. She joined the company Swaggers for the show In the middle, and she also danced on the tour of the songstress Angèle.

These two artists shared several moments in their journeys as performers (actors in the film Let’s dance by Ladislas Chollat; dancers in the musical Résiste choreographed by Marion Motin). Together, they founded the company Mazelfreten in 2017 and created their first duet Untitled (which won the first prize at the Trans’urbaine competition in Clermont-Ferrand). Besides the piece Rave Lucid, they are working on a duet, Perception.

Brandon Malboneige Masele
et Laura Defretin
Tianée Achille, Filipe Da Silva, Lorenzo Ds Dasse, Slate Hemedi, Yuki Kashihara, Adrien Larrazet, Océane Haja Marechal, Brandon Masele, Brice Rouchet, Chiho Yokohama
“Fragment of desire” (Ino);
“An ending” (Bian Eno)
IADU La Villette ; Centre de la danse Pierre Doussaint - Les Mureaux
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