step dancing

nicolas barry (France)

The starting point of the project lies in L’ordonnance du 1er janvier 1766 pour régler l’exercice de l’infanterie quoted by Michel Foucault in his book Discipline and Punish, which aimed to regulate the length and duration of military steps. Very soon, Nicolas Barry forestalls the coercive order, and asks his performers to take “a sideways step” in order to draw on the fanciful and dance-side of things. The young director, armed with his sense of humour, thus uses the principle of diversion in his dramaturgical and choreographic writing to somewhat warp the lines, needling leaders of all kinds.

Nicolas Barry was born in 1990. After graduating from ENSATT in 2007 (the department of theatre writing), he began working with Julien Fišera and collaborated with Kéti Irubetagoyena with whom he organised theatre workshops in the secondary schools of Île-de-France. He was awarded the “Recherche et Création Artistique” grant of 2018-2019 (jointly conferred by ENSATT Lyon, ENSBA Lyon and CNSMD Lyon), which allowed him to créate the show Les Obsèques du Grand Paon in October 2019 at the Lyon Contemporary Art Biennale. In 2018, he founded his Company, l’Ensemble Facture, in order to create poetic work positioned at the intersection of artistic disciplines. He lives in Paris and works between Paris, Lille and Lyon.

Concept & choreography
Nicolas Barry
Nangaline Gomis, Sophie Billon,
Julien Message et Julien Gadaut
Louis Quiles et Martin Poncet
Light design
Laurine Chalon
« Surveiller et Punir » by Michel Foucault (1975, Gallimard)
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